JustFog MiniFit KIT

All-In-One Vape Kit


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At 7cm in length, this astoundingly dinky little All-in-One unit really is no bigger than most people’s thumbs.  Don’t be fooled though, it can do a lot more than just your thumb alone.

As a fully functional kit, the MiniFit from JustFog still manages to deliver when used as a mouth-to-lung device.   A dependable polycarbonate casing holds an impressive 370mAh battery, with its pod system for your preferred E-liquid boasting a 1.5ml capacity feeding a 1.6ohm coil.  Its micro USB plug point (cable provided) also leads to a 3 tiered light system that indicates remaining charge.  It really has it all.

In addition, the JustFog MiniFit pods are fully interchangeable at a moment’s notice, meaning you can switch out different flavours whenever you choose throughout the day.

A strong competitor to the Juul in other company’s crowns.

PLEASE NOTE: most vape coils should be changed around every 2/3 weeks. This product does not come with e-liquid.  


Black, Steel, Blue, Red, Bronze

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