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Sherbet-coated Fruity Cola Bottle Sweets (High VG)



Shake&Vape, otherwise known as ‘Shortfill’ e-liquid is now finally your chance to buy more than just 10ml per bottle.

Adding to their already amazing line of sherbet & confectionery flavours, Double Drip now offer yet another trip down memory lane – of when your cheeks would implode with the sour majesty of the fizzy cola bottle on the way home from school (or the way there, or lunch break, or during double science lessons…).  At a penny-a-pop, these sweeties were the business, and now they come in vape form.   Yes, they do actually taste accurate, too.

Ideal for sub-ohm tanks & dripper setups this is a large container bursting with original taste which, when mixed with a separate ‘nicotine shot’ (also available separately from here) provides a whopping 50ml of e-liquid to shake… and vape!

80 / 20 VG blend.

PLEASE NOTE: For a 6mg mixture buy an additional second Nicotine Shot from here!  Nicotine shots are to be used as a concentrate, we do not advise vaping them on their own.

Nicotine Strength


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